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Top 4 Tattoo studios in New York USA

Are you looking for popular tattoo studios in New York City? Then your search is over. New York City is one of the prominent tattooed cities in America; many celebrities from all over the world come here periodically to get their bodies tattooed.

Tattooing your body most times makes you unique, and beautiful. Though some people see such people as having low self esteem or highly irresponsible. But that is a story for another day.

According to the available statistics, it has more than 277 tattoo studios plus a wide range of artistes to choose from. But we are going to talk about the most popular 4. Visiting these studios will be an experience you will never forget in a hurry.

You can find your desired artiste and style from its five boroughs. However, before you get to the next tattoo studio, here are top 5 tattoo studios you should know about:

Sacred Tattoo New York City

Sacred Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos in New York; it has been providing amazing services to users since 1989. Most of the global celebrities have visited this studio over time.

Visitors can find anything they want here such as bio-organic and New School realism. This tattoo studio features a lot of art exhibitions all through the year.

This studio is the home to most top-rated guest artistes in the world such as German’s Randy Engelhard, Matt Buck, Jon Mesa, Camilla Rocha, Andy B, Gunny, Jessica V and a host of others.

Kings Avenue

This popular tattoo studio was founded by the top-notch artist, Mike Rubendall in 2005. He started it as a small shop, before opening an extension in Manhattan in 2011. Visitors troop to this studio en mass because due to its skilled styles in American and Traditional Japanese styles.

Some of the artists you can find here are Justin WeatherHoltz, Rose Hardy, and of course the founder, Mike Rubendall. A visit to this studio will leave you with unforgettable memories. Kings Avenue is located in 188 Bowery NYC.

Grit n Glory

This amazing tattoo studio started as a rock ‘n’ roll clothing boutique and coffee shop-this of course caught the attention of many tattoo enthusiasts in the industry.

Then, in 2014, it partnered with tattooist Megan Massacre and after a short time, it became a girl tattoo studio and a fashion hub in New York.

This is a perfect tattoo studio for the female folk. Some of the following artists frequent the studio; Gia Rose, Tenelie Napoli, Cleo W, Cally Jo and a host of others. For intending guests, the studio is located at 86 Orchard Street, New York.

Three Kings Tattoo

This is one of the most respected tattoo studios in New York. It had been booming in New York City since 2008, before the second shop was opened in Manhattan years later.

Three Kings Tattoo studios is very popular due to the number of international guests that come here every month, with online calendar that provides exact date and time they would come.

Some of the popular resident tattooists here are Nash Hogan, Alex McWatt, Tron, JK5 and so on. The studio is located at 572 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn.

As you can see from my above recommendations, you can find an amazing tattoo studio in New York, USA. However, for those of us on the other side of the world it would be nice to find something a bit more local. The popular option for a lot of people is in Bali. If you are traveling there soon, make sure you check out the following bali tattoo studio website and you will find they are in a class of their own and are equal to the quality of the top studios in New York.