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Speak To A Family Lawyer Before Relocating Children

It is common during heats of many divorces that you’ll find parents thinking about moving children to another city, state or country. Even though this may sound like a great idea, maybe due to the many reasons each person may have for relocating; there are a number of things that seriously need to be considered before coming to a decision on moving away with kids.

One hindrance that may come your way is the event that your spouse disagrees with relocating with your children. This may hurt the process of starting a fresh heavily. Some of these processes can be extremely costly and some may even require lawyers and court interventions. Even though the court might be in favor of your decision to shift with children, the process is not a one-time; rather, it takes time for the court to come up with an informed decision. This could take months and in some cases years before the decision is made on whether to move with children to another place.

Before deciding on relocating with children, here is some advice for you.

  1. Keep the Best Interests of the Children Ahead

The interests of children should be the first priority when considering relocating with them. For example, if your ex-spouse is located in Brisbane and you are wanting to re-locate to the Gold Coast, how is the move beneficial to the kids? Moving means they leave behind their other parent; something that may only be towards satisfying your individual needs and not the kids. If your ex wife or husband shared just as equal a time with the children, this may be something very difficult for the children.

Consider the fact that moving away children may mean they leave behind their already established support system (friends and family); something that may damage their progress and is a devastating reality at the same time. When this matter goes to a Gold Coast court, it may take time and as such, it is important to take note of the suitable time that’ll allow the children’s appropriate transition during this relocation. Talk to your kids about the relocation if they are old enough and find out if they wish to move or not.

  1. Effective Planning

This is a life-changing decision and it needs to be extremely thought through. Your children should keep schooling in similar or even better conditions than current ones. Ensure you have a plan of how and who will care for the kids when you’re unavailable. Do you have an effective support system to help with the child’s care and progress? Is the relocation providing you and the children with a better opportunity than what you currently have in your home city, state or country? These are a few of the aspects you need to take care of before thinking of relocating with children. You can talk to family lawyers in Gold Coast for help with planning on relocating since the court will ask certain questions prior to making a decision.


  1. Talk to your Spouse

Make sure you keep your ex informed of this decision as s/he may not be in favour of your relocation decision. This helps eliminate costs associated with lawyers and court proceedings. Effective communication with your ex also helps a couple fix the appropriate visitation and general parenting plan which in return reassures the other parent that they are not being cut out of the kid’s life despite the distance.